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12 - 15 OCTOMBRIE 2017 

Curs 2

Joi, 12 Octombrie
Sala de Conferințe 3, 09:00 - 12:00

Curs 2
ADHD la adulți - Diagnosticarea folosind DIVA 2.0

Adult ADHD: Diagnostic Assessment using DIVA 2.0
Organizat în parteneriat cu Asociația Română de Psihiatrie a Copilului și Adolescentului și Profesii Asociate (ARCAPA)

Director de curs:

Dr. Sandra Kooij (Olanda)
Founder and Chair of the European Network Adult ADHD

Sandra Kooij, MD, PhD, is a renowned psychiatrist in the field of adult ADHD. She is the founder of the European Network Adult ADHD that unites 66 members from 24 countries and she is also the initiator and chair of the international DIVA Foundation. She developed the Diagnostic Interview for ADHD in adults (DIVA 2.0, Kooij & Frankcen 2009), that is currently translated in 17 languages ( and distributed online, free of charge by the DIVA Foundation. In 2014 she initiated international online crowdfunding for research on ADHD, based on patients preferences (ADHDFund) that has booked its first successes. Sandra Kooij has authored and coauthored over 100 publications, bookchapters and books on adult ADHD, and she is also the editor of an e-newsletter on adult ADHD and of several online educational films for patients and professionals. She is currently involved in research, treating patients, educating and training of professionals, informing the public. 

Adult ADHD is a common neurobiological psychiatric disorder, that starts in childhood and often persists into adulthood and even into old age. The prevalence is 3-5% in the general population, but 20% in psychiatry and addiction centers, up to 40% in prisoners. ADHD is highly comorbid with other psychiatric disorders, the mean number of disorders is three. This complicates diagnostic assessment and differential diagnosis. Using DIVA 2.0, a semi-structured diagnostic interview for ADHD in adults, based on DSM-IV criteria, the diagnosis can be established reliably. DIVA 2.0 is available for free at in 20 languages, including Romanian. During this course the neurobiology, lifespan course of ADHD, assessment and differential diagnosis will be discussed.

Participanți Curs 2:
1. Dr. Andrei Emanuela (București)
2. As. Botea Loredana-Diana (Sibiu)
3. Dr. Buica Alexandra (București)
4. Dr. Calcan Gabriela (București)
5. Dr. Ciubotariu Ana-Maria (București)
6. Dr. Codreanu Marina Roxana (București)
7. Dr. Grosu Irina (București)
8. Dr. Hau Steluta (Sibiu)
9. Dr. Ionescu Hermina (București)
10. Ionescu Mihaela (București)
11. Psiholog Matei-Golopenta Lucia (București)
12. Dr. Milhem Doina (Brașov)
13. Dr. Misu Marioara Cristina (București)
14. Dr. Miu Alina Elena (București)
15. Dr. Murariu Georgiana (București)
16. Dr. Nancu Viorica (București)
17. Dr. Oprea Mihaela (Constanța)
18. Dr. Paraipan Cornelia (București)
19. Dr. Petre Iulia (București)
20. Dr. Popa Andreea (București)
21. Dr. Sofrone Florentina (București)
22. Dr. Stanciu Irina (Iași)
23. Dr. Stancu Mihaela (București)
24. Dr. Suflea Codruta Liliana (Mocrea)
25. Dr. Terpe Simion-Sorin (Deva)
26. Dr. Tudosie Victorita (București)
27. Dr. Voina Emanuel (Iași)